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Research Group

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Name Contact Projects
Eric Darve Eric Darve darve@
Pierre-David Létourneau Pierre-David Létourneau pletou1@ Fast multipole method
Cris Cecka Cris Cecka ccecka@ Streaming computing, graphics cards, fast multipole method
Amirali Kia Amirali Kia akia@ Protein modeling, free energy, reaction pathways, fast multipole method
José Solomon José Solomon jose.solomon@ Molecular dynamics, empirical force fields, quantum mechanics, Barium Titanate, crystals, computer clusters
Hang Shu mhshu@ Microfluidics, boundary element method
Sivaram Ambikasaran sivaambi@ Electromagnetics, fast multipole method
Stephen Oakley sjoakley@ Graphics processing units, parallel computing, finite-element solvers
Zach DeVito zdevito@ Parallel and streaming computing, computer languages, domain specific languages
Hong Zhao, Postdoc hongzhao@ Microfluidics of red blood cells and platelets for artificial blood additives and drug delivery

Former Students

PhD dissertations are downloadable by clicking on the name.

Name Degree and position Graduation date
Song Li Ph.D. 2009
William Fong Ph.D. 2009
Erich Elsen Ph.D. 2009
David Saintillan Ph.D. 2006
Daejoong Kim Ph.D. 2006
Patrick LeGresley Postdoctoral fellow
Joseph Hur Postdoctoral fellow
David Rodríguez-Gómez Postdoctoral fellow