Stanford Mechanics and Computation

Fall 2011-2012 ME395 Seminar Series

Please use the signup links if you would like to meet with a seminar speaker during their visit. Faculty can add themselves to a time slot if they have an account or can email Shelley Cluff with their title, contact information, department, preferred meeting times and office location and she can confirm a timeslot for you.
Fall 2011-2012

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Location Host
Oct 6 2011 speaker
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affiliation title TBD Host
Oct 13, 2011 Reynolds Memorial Seminar
Dr. Mauro Ferrari
President and CEO

Ernest Cockrell Jr. Distinguished Endowed Chair The Methodist Hospital Research Institute President, Alliance for NanoHealth

The Mechanical NanoEngineering of Individualized Medicine !Room Change!
Bldg 320 room 105
ME Department
Oct 20, 2011 Nate Sniadecki
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University of Washington The Little Cell That Could Tug: Traction Forces, Intercellular Forces, and Mechanotransduction at the Cell-Matrix and Cell-Cell Interface Bldg 380 room 380Y Beth Pruitt
Nov 3, 2011 Evelyn Wang
MIT Nanoengineered Surfaces: Transport Phenomena and Energy Applications Bldg 380 room 380Y Beth Pruitt
Nov 17, 2011 Chris Fang-Yen
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UPenn Optical dissection of worm behavior Bldg 380 room 380Y Beth Pruitt
Dec 1, 2011 Arif Masud
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UIUC Unified Interface Formulations combining Discontinuous Galerkin and Variational Multiscale Methods Bldg 380 room 380Y A.J. Lew
  • attend six seminars for ME395 credit, you may substitute any other seminar once to make up a missed session, email Shelley Cluff a summary with name/title of the speaker and makeup seminar and the most interesting thing you learned there. Seminars marked with * are special seminars in different locations.