Stanford Mechanics and Computation

Winter 2009 ME395 Seminar Series

Please use the signup links if you would like to meet with a seminar speaker during their visit. Faculty can add themselves to a time slot if they have an account or can email Shelley Cluff with their title, contact information, department, preferred meeting times and office location and she can confirm a timeslot for you.
Fall'08-09 Spring'08-09

Date Speaker Affiliation Title Location
1/15 Robert Haber
UIUC Spacetime Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for the Dynamics of Solids 320-105
1/22 Daya Reddy
Timoshenko Scholar
University of Cape Town Variational and Computational Aspects of Problems in Classical and Gradient Plasticity 320-105
2/19 Jaime Peraire
MIT High Order Discontinuous Galerkin Methods For Systems Of Conservation Laws 320-105
2/26 Klaus W. Schwarz
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center From Droplets to Nanowires: Dynamics of Vapor-Liquid-Solid Growth 320-105
3/5 Morton Gurtin
Timoshenko Lecture
Carnegie Mellon University The formulation of gradient theories for single-crystal plasticity at small length scales: size effects 320-105
3/12 Alexander Panfilov
Timoshenko Scholar
Utrecht University abstract_page 320-105
  • attend all seminars for ME395 credit, you may substitute any other seminar once to make up a missed session, email Prof. Pruitt a summary with name/title of the speaker and makeup seminar and the most interesting thing you learned there. Seminars marked with * are special seminars in different locations.